By creating a movable/rotating wall system that allowed for visual connections between the different interior spaes throughout our new design of CSEA, I was able to create more spaces inside one large interior “corridor” and to begin to overlap the programs in community with culture, growth, and youth. By utilizing hollow lightweight wood veneer beams, I created a rotating wall system off of the existing coumns throughout CSEA.

For the Interior of our new design of CSEA I wanted to explore the idea that the "corridor" we created within the central space could become many different rooms. From the idea of our original programing, I starded placing the walls along the existing columns. From the concept of existing vs. expectation I wanted to grow the walls out of the existing structure.  The rotation of the walls allows for new rooms. These new rooms correspond with different program activities throughout the space. Our programs of Youth, Growth, and Culture are all occupied now within a single community room. Each of the rotational devices is able to be rotated singularly to allow for stadium auditorium and/or shelving for classes taking place. There is also a non rotatable device that serves as a screen/shade from the surrounding rooms throughout CSEA. 

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